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In a time where artists are manufactured to suit radio airplay and mainstream profits, genuine songwriters are becoming a rare breed. Joel Harrison, a singer/songwriter/guitarist from regional Australia is an artist who blends a vast range of influences including Pop, Folk, Rock and Country into songs that become subtle narrators into the personal moments and emotions of a singer songwriter’s life.
With a 14 track album Thinking Over, Over Thinking’ (2010) and 4 track E.P ‘Pofoco’ (2014) under his belt, Joel is continually writing and recording new material. “It’s a constant evolution for me, my voice, message, and craft…. I’ve been through a lot personally over the last few years, music hasn’t always been able to take the front seat but now it is driving….. and I think people are really going to enjoy the music that has come from all of the highs and lows”. 
Joel recalls his musical development “I was drawn towards the guitar by two things, Marty McFly playing Johnny B Goode in Back To The Future and hearing Richie Sambora and Slash play guitar in my sister’s music collection”. In the years following, Joel developed his skills as a guitarist, then as a singer and a songwriter. “My hometown of Wagga Wagga, NSW, is full of amazing local musicians, and I was lucky to play and collaborate with that high standard from very early on,” he adds. “At times you struggle to keep your head above water but it’s a great learning scenario.” During this time Joel performed in a plethora of Theatre productions, Cabaret shows and pub gigs which he refers to as “a great way to find influences and dissect popular songs that people love”.
Over the past several years Joel has also supported and played before many of Australias established and up and coming artists including Lior, The Black Sorrows, Jetty Road, Microwave Jenny, The Sunny Cowgirls, Daryl Braithwaite, James Blundell, Ross Wilson and many more. 
Along the way, Joel has also begun to experiment with other creative mediums including motion and video design which have resulted in film clips for each track off of his e.p Pofoco. “I’m a stereotypical creative in ways (laughs) and I’m only now starting to realise that writing/music is one of those creative outlets. I’ve been really overwhelmed by the amazing response and messages I’ve received about the video clips from Pofoco. As the ideas for them have been floating around in my head for quite some time”. 
After working with Golden Guitar and Aria winning producers in Australia; and Grammy-winning producers in Nashville, USA Joel is excited to begin molding another release in his hometown in 2017. “There’s a lot I’m going to touch on in my next release Love…of course! (laughs), depression, equality and a whole lot more. And I can’t wait for people to hear my take on it all”.